Software Foundations for Business People

It is increasingly important for business people to understand software in the modern age. This post is a collection of resources and insights to help guide an individual to a general, pragmatic, and effective understanding of software. --→

What is Artificial Intelligence?

The next generation of Artificial intelligence is a paradigm shift that requires engineers to think differently about how they build software. AI is heavily theorized. Imaginations create fantastical futures comprised of superhuman computers. While these ideas are entertaining to think about, they are certainly a distraction from reality. --→

Abductive Reasoning Notes

Deductive reasoning: like a detective, start with clues and end up with a conclusion. Inductive reasoning: use a specific conclusion to draw broader conclusions. It is sunny outside, therefore I don’t need an umbrella. It is sunny ouside, therefore I don’t need a sweatshirt. It is sunny, so I need sunglasses. Deductive equivalent: I don’t need an umbrella, I don’t need a sweatshirt, I do need my sunglasses - it must be sunny. --→

1 The events of 2020 caused the beauty of life to fade. So much attention to political and general unrest. Forming of strong opinions on many things that used to be private. Division in church and family and business. A shift of focus from innovation to survival. Lots of “this is the end talk” in my circles. When the end of this world comes, it is actually the beginning. The beginning of God’s physical Kingdom. --→